Hi there, my name is Erica! I am a law student who lives in the Sonoran Desert. My interests include reading and reviewing books (obviously), the desert, long walks, long walks in the desert, things that live in the desert (especially birds!), horror movies, smelling books, $2.99 Trader Joe’s Chardonnay, finding pennies on the street, listening to podcasts, my two precious kitties, and vegan junk food. There are enough (mostly unread) books stacked around my home to classify as a fire hazard. But it’s fine.

Reviewing System:

Terrible, awful, horrible.

The book might have been narrowly saved from a one-star review because it had some redeeming features OR it didn’t quite earn three-stars because it had too many problems.

My default rating. This book is solid and I enjoyed reading it but it lacked that special something.

An excellent book! Not only did I enjoy the book itself and the reading experience, but this book had that special something that earned it a special place in my heart.

★★ A book that is now one of my favorites. I do not give this rating very often!